On average MBANSW receives 5 calls per month that don't require ongoing or in-depth assistance. We welcome all calls, if we can help we would be pleased to do so, if we can't help we may know someone who can. Broadly the main types of other calls we receive are:

I am worried about a colleague or family member —

The MBANSW Social Worker is aware that it is very difficult to speak to someone in distress. She can talk with you about various support options and can help you to work out how to speak to your colleague or family member and follow up with you afterwards to make sure you are OK afterwards.

I need to find a GP, psychiatrist, psychologist who is comfortable treating doctors —

MBANSW does not maintain lists of treating professionals in every area of NSW and ACT; however you are welcome to discuss your needs with the Social Worker who may be able to direct you to some on-line therapist lists. The Social Worker can also talk with you about how to work out if the person you are being referred to is 'right' for you.

I am writing a paper, giving a presentation, writing a journal article, doing some research... —

MBANSW is more than willing to share knowledge about medical support services, conferences and other events. We are also pleased if you add a line about MBANSW at the end of any paper or presentation, particularly where there is the potential for readers or participants to become distressed. We do not divulge information about individuals who are seeking assistance from MBANSW.


Do you need information or assistance?

Please contact our Social Workers or via our Contact Form.