2016 marks our 120 Year Anniversary of providing care and support to medical practitioners, their families and others.

Click here to read Medical Benevolent Association NSW – Reflections on 120 years.

Dr Margery Scott-Young OBE (MBANSW councillor and Vice- President 1978-189) documented the The History of the Medical Benevolent Association of NSW which was published in 1985.

Dr David Pope OAM (MBANSW Councillor and President 1976-1999) complied A Supplement to the History of the Medical Benevolent Association of NSW – The Decade 1986-1995.

Dr David Pope OAM , Mrs Mary Doughty AM (MBANSW Social Worker 1964- 2007) and Dr Richard Herlihy (MBANSW Councillor, Treasurer and President 1987-2015) have updated Dr Pope’s Supplement to include information about the Association’s affairs 1996-2010.

In addition The Medical Benevolent Association of NSW maintains a closed collection of historical records at the State Library of NSW.

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