MBANSW may be able to provide short term financial assistance to medical practitioners and their families, to support basic general living costs, whilst they are in distress and have reduced income.

All requests for assistance are made to one of the MBANSW Social Workers.

The Social Worker will meet with you, either face to face or on the telephone, to determine whether the assistance you need is within the Council’s capacity. She will also assist you to identify other assistance that may be of use, such as financial counselling, income protection or Centrelink.

Before a request for assistance is put to the Council, the Social Worker will request you complete a form and provide relevant documentation to support your request including Bank Statements, Rent Statements and copies of current unpaid bills.

The Social Worker puts forward all requests for financial assistance to Council who consider these at the monthly Council Meeting. All deliberations of Council are strictly confidential.

It is important that you keep in touch with the Social Worker to ensure that changes in circumstances are considered by Council.

Contact the Social Workers directly via phone or email, in confidence or via our contact form.

If you are aware of a colleague who may need our assistance, please encourage them to contact us early, rather than wait for their financial situation to deteriorate.

Please ensure you read our Privacy Policy.

You may also find it useful to read the Financial Distress Information sheet.

Should you require information to be sent to another person or organisation, you can download the .

If you would like to read some case studies of doctors or family members we have assisted please click here.


Work worries and illness can have an impact on many aspects of a Doctor’s life. One of the aspects most likely to be affected is financial security. You are welcome to telephone me in confidence to talk about how MBANSW may be able to help you in the short-term and also provide a referral to a Financial Counsellor.

Do you need information or assistance?

Please contact our Social Workers or via our Contact Form.


This is a particularly difficult time for me and my husband and our young children. We thank you sincerely in your assistance you have made these time a little lighter. We live in love and hope.

Male specialist, Western Sydney