Who does MBANSW help?

MBANSW provides counselling support and financial assistance to doctors in NSW and ACT, their families, and others upon consideration by the Council.

What help is available through MBANSW?

MBANSW offers financial assistance, counselling support and information about other services/organisations.

When is help available?

MBANSW assists members of the medical community during times of adversity, illness, impairment and grief.

How do I ask for help for myself or a colleague?

Please click here to contact the Social Worker for a confidential discussion and advice on suitable help at MBANSW or other organisations. 

How does MBANSW decide who to help?

The Council of MBANSW, consisting of up to 20 medical practitioners, meets monthly to review all support and financial requests. After initial discussions with the MBANSW Social Worker, the Council considers requests, available resources and determines how best to assist. All information is confidential.

What can I do to help?

MBANSW relies on the generosity of donations to provide assistance to our medical colleagues in need. Substantial financial assistance and counselling support is provided each year to more than 150 medical practitioners and their families. Consider supporting us through:

  • Tax deductible donations
  • Online or regular donations
  • Making a Bequest or
  • Ask for people to donate to MBANSW in lieu of sending flowers in funeral arrangements.
  • Contribute to either of our two appeals - Tax (runs annually between April - June)  or Christmas Appeal (runs annually between November - February).
  • Purchase or Sell the Entertainment Book.
  • Host a fundraising event.
  • Sponsor us through third party events such as the City to Surf.
  • Invite MBANSW to give a presentation at your organisation.
  • Make a donation from your medical year reunion.
  • Provide a donation from your practice.

No amount can be too large or too small.

Please click here to contact us.

Who else might be able to help?

MBANSW is not able to provide an emergency or out-of-hours service. You should speak with your own General Practitioner.

If your life is in danger, please call 000 or contact Lifeline for 24 hour assistance: 13 11 14 (24 hours)

Has the MBANSW been operating for very long?

The MBANSW started operating in 1896. Our history has been written by Margery Scott Young, Dr David Pope OAM and Mrs Mary Doughty AM and is available on request. MBANSW has an historical collection available at the State Library of NSW, which can be accessed with the Council’s approval.

Is the MBANSW a charity?

The MBANSW is an ACNC registered charity and first achieved charitable status in 1986. All donations are 100% tax deductible and tax receipts are issued within a few days of any donation.

How is MBANSW governed?

A Council of up to 20 registered Medical Practitioners are responsible as the directors of MBANSW, ensuring compliance with ACNS, ASIC, State and Federal legislation. Our Auditors are appointed each year at our AGM and BT Financial group provide our investment advice.

Where can I find the Annual Reports?

Links to our most recent Annual Reports

2021 Annual Report Cover


Can I make a bequest?

Many people decide to leave a financial gift to MBANSW in their will. If you would like more information about this please contact the Executive Officer.

How can I protect myself from a financial crisis?

MBANSW encourages all medical practitioners to prepare themselves and their families for the unlikely event of a crisis or illness, by carrying income protection insurance and by having a legal will.

The MBANSW strongly endorses the principle that all medical practitioners should be aware of and carry income protection insurance. We also stress that you contact a few insurers and read the entire policy including the fine print to ensure you select the best cover for your unique requirements.

Many of the doctors we assist have no insurance

‘Income protection insurance has been on my mind for ages, I have just been too busy...’

Steve is a 40 year old surgeon, divorced with 2 children, one of whom lives with him. While driving to work early one morning, sunlight obscured his vision and he hit a parked car, fracturing his wrist and was unable to operate for 8 weeks. The CTP Insurance Company denied support. Steve did not have Income Protection Insurance to fill this gap...

A number of doctors we assist have not read the detail when they have taken out insurance

Sue is a GP widowed for 5 years, whose son had just moved out of home. Sue had a fall down the back steps, requiring a hip replacement and rehabilitation for a fracture. She had taken out income protection insurance at the birth of her son, however was surprised to learn that the first payment would not be made until after a waiting period of 3 months.

Many doctors feel that they can not afford Income Protection Insurance

In many instances, income protection insurance is a tax deductible item – speak to your financial adviser.

Some common misconceptions about income protection

‘I have a pre-existing condition – I won't be able to get cover’

‘I was diagnosed with anxiety/depression as an intern’

Seek the advice of a reputable insurance broker, who can source a cover that will suit you best. Although an ‘over the counter’ policy probably won’t cover for a pre-existing condition, there are a number of personalised options to provide cover in the case of an accident or crisis.

'It won't happen to me'

Unfortunately, our experience is that accidents, illness, death do happen and not all circumstances can be foreseen or planned for.

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How can I find urgent care?

MBANSW cannot provide urgent or emergency care. If you need to speak with someone urgently, please contact

Lifeline: 13 11 14 (24 hours)

Call 000 if your life is in danger

Additional support may be required from community resources or treatment providers. The MBANSW offers information that is not directive and does not constitute treatment. Information is kept confidential.

Where can I find links to other organisations?

Some organisations that may be helpful include: